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I’m Matthieu, in October 2016, I decided to launch the Techno Traveler Map: a map destined to be on the web that would reference the best house/techno clubs worldwide, for people in their own hometown, but also for people that are traveling and want to experience clubs overseas.

With multiple articles which talking about the map (Trax, DJ MAG, MixMax, Pulse Radio and more…), it reached over 1.5 million views (that actually represents many pair of eyes when you think about it) and two and a half years later, with Clubeling (ex Techno Traveler Map), I am willing to take the adventure a step forward.

But come on, I know that smartphones are more used than computers these days. So a google map? Really? It is outdated. That is why I decided to create an app: easier, faster, smarter.


We are currently working on a clubeling mobile app. The app will allow you to see the clubs that are in your area, based on recommendations by other users that have experienced these clubs.

You, user, will be able to discover clubs, share them with your friends, see the upcoming events and buy your ticket. Each user contributes to making the app one that references only quality clubs, in order to have the best experience possible during your travels.

Let’s put an end to going to the “most popular” clubs of the city… and finding they’re playing EDM.


For the clubs, we are developing a powerful tool that will allow your club to gain visibility for your events with travelers from all over the world, but also share your love of electronic music.

You will have access to your own dashboard through which you will be able to create events, get closer to your public, and use promoting tools to reach a broader community.

In September, you are going to be able to pre-register your club for the app, so that everything will be ready for its launch later in the year.

WHEN WILL WE BE READY? (we know you can’t wait to have it for your next trip…)

We have taken the database of the Techno Traveler Map, and are working on updating it with the latest feedbacks we have had on clubs. Actually, the design and tech briefs are done and the app is being built by our little hands.
The app will be launched during the last trimester of 2019.

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